Anthros, Animals & Fantasy

Fantastic creatures fascinate me a lot. I create anthro illustrations, animal portraits and fantasy themed artwork.

Digital and Traditional

Pencil sketches, paintings with acrylics on paper or digitally drawn artwork with a tablet – I love working with a variety of mediums.

Made with Love

Furry creatures have been my inspiration since I can remember and I love creating anthro art – for more than 10 years now.

Latest Works

  • Obon


    Calendar Artwork - Digital Painting

  • Messages For Eternity

    Messages For Eternity

    Calendar Artwork - Digital Painting

  • Alaea & Rhynn

    Alaea & Rhynn

    Digital Painting

  • Kao Kaha ki’i

    Kao Kaha ki’i

    Digital Painting

  • Sweet Wine

    Sweet Wine

    Digital Painting

  • Watching The Stars

    Watching The Stars


  • Dark Desire

    Dark Desire

    Digital Painting

  • I Will Protect You

    I Will Protect You


Latest News

  • Winter Sale -20% until Jan, 15th!

    Winter Sale -20% until Jan, 15th!

    I’m having a big sale at my Storenvy shop! You can save 20% on all items until January 15th with the code “WINTR13″. Prints, Limited Editions, Postcards, Bundles and Calendars – If you like […]

  • Anthro Calendar 2014 – Order now!

    Anthro Calendar 2014 – Order now!

    Are you still searching for a little christmas present? The Anthro Calendar 2014 might be the perfect surprise! This beautiful calendar contains 13 beautiful anthro illustrations with a full page centerfold and unique cover […]

  • A fresh start for!

    I finally got to revamp my website and portfolio! :) And with the new responsive layout you won’t have any trouble viewing this site with your tablet or smartphone again. I also have the […]