Anthros, Animals & Fantasy

Fantastic creatures fascinate me a lot. I create anthro illustrations, animal portraits and fantasy themed artwork.

Digital and Traditional

Pencil sketches, paintings with acrylics on paper or digitally drawn artwork with a tablet – I love working with a variety of mediums.

Made with Love

Furry creatures have been my inspiration since I can remember and I love creating anthro art – for more than 10 years now.

Latest Works

  • Ptah


    Digital Painting

  • A Kingdom of Joy

    A Kingdom of Joy

    Digital Painting

  • Ghost


    Acrylics - Canvas

  • Caramel and Honey

    Caramel and Honey


  • Alert & The Wayfarer

    Alert & The Wayfarer


  • Winter Playground (Werewolf Calendar 2015)

    Winter Playground (Werewolf Calendar 2015)

    Calendar Artwork - Digital Painting

  • Leisure Time with Krystal from Starfox (Collab)

    Leisure Time with Krystal from Starfox (Collab)

    Collaboration - Digital Painting

  • Keeper of Equilibrium

    Keeper of Equilibrium

    Digital Painting